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Meet Ololade Majek-Owoo, a Rotman School of Management MBA Candidate

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Meet Ololade, a Panelist on our upcoming information session with the Rotman School of Management, “The Value of the MBA - Part 3”. We spoke about her motivations and goals for pursuing the MBA. She also gave some advice to potential MBA candidates like her and offered some tips on how to take full advantage of our upcoming session with Rotman

Hi Ololade! Tell me one fun fact about yourself.

Growing up, I thought I was going to be an actress because I enjoyed role-playing, drama, and things like that. Although, my interests changed over time haha.

What excites and drives you?

I'm very driven by the fact that there are a lot of possibilities out there. There's so much you can achieve with the right people and the right opportunities and with people just willing to take a chance on you.

Apart from that, I love cooking and hanging out with friends, for as long as my limited social battery is full. Lol.

One of the most important things that have kept me going in the last two years is encouragement from people that believe in me. I have come to realize that on this MBA journey, it's easy for you to develop imposter syndrome. But when you have people that believe in your journey and in your story, it makes it easier for you to continue pushing.

What stage were you in when you attended the previous Rotman School of Management Information Session with makingTheMove?

I had not started my application process, but I knew that Rotman was one of my top choices in Canada.

One of the things that attracted me to the information session is the fact that Nigerian students were going to be on the panel. Representation is very important to me. There are different intricacies to the application process that is unique to people like me.

During the information session, what helped you in your application process?

Yes, so funny story, at the time I attended the information session, I knew very little about Grad School applications. I knew as much as what I found on the internet such as you need to write a statement of purpose, or you need to have a good GMAT/GRE score. I didn't know any deep information.

Before attending the session, I'd written down all my questions, based on my research and everything. I went in prepared to ask questions even the most basic questions possible. I believe I sent follow-up questions after the session. The panelists were very open, and straightforward. They listened and answered the questions to the best of their abilities.

I took the answers I got and went ahead to make my application.

What advice do you have for those who wish to start their MBA studies soon?

You need to really know why you want to do the MBA.

Ask yourself what you want to get out of the MBA. Are you looking for a career switch, global prominence, or career advancement?

You also need to ask yourself “Why Rotman?” and “Why Canada?”.

If you cannot answer those three questions, you need to rethink.

What were your goals upon starting your MBA studies?

What I really wanted to gain from the MBA was a wealth of knowledge. I have experience in Accounting, HR, Investment Management, and Managerial Psychology. Coming into the program, I wanted to tie these experiences together and extract maximum value from them

Now that you have started do you think you are on your path toward achieving your goals?

Have I been exposed to a wealth of knowledge? Yes.

Have I been able to tie my experiences together? I am in the process of doing so. It’s a journey. I have definitely made significant progress from where I started.

Having an MBA from Rotman Business School opens doors, creates opportunities and puts you on a platform. It’s worth it. But please bear in mind that everyone’s journey is different.

What advice do you have for the attendees of the Rotman X makingTheMove attendees on January 12th, 2023?

Come with questions. There is no question that is too “silly” to ask.

There will also be a Rotman Admissions director on the panel. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you have an Official on the panel and you are not asking the questions you need to ask.

Also, listen to other people’s questions as well. It is important to have as much information as you can get.


Interested in pursuing an MBA? Join us for our information session “The value of the MBA – Part 3” on January 12th with the Rotman School of Management.

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