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Get The Job You Moved Here For

Making the Move helps skilled African newcomers secure meaningful work in Canada that mirrors their education, skills, and work experience.


Career Coaching

We prepare skilled African immigrants through our career coaching.



Chat Series with Industry Leaders

We connect skilled African immigrants to industry leaders through our signature Chat series



Workshops and Bootcamps

We educate through our Career Boot-Camps and Workshops.

Online Course


Additional Resources

We provide immigration support through our trusted and certified immigration partners, job fairs, workshops, and much more.

Business Colleagues

What Clients Say

I got into a Fortune 500 Company!
Knowing my career goal was to get my dream job this 2021, I came into the year guns blazing, determined to land that job ASAP 😄. One day I was on Twitter and saw a shout-out from Jola (@Jollz) about makingTheMove. I decided to check it out- Jola being the VP of Nigeria Online, [I knew I could trust her recommendation]. I got in touch and paid the fees because I knew what I wanted and felt I could get some insight into the Canadian job market, especially since they’re based in Canada.


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